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Offering a bespoke consultancy, providing creative direction and innovative design to inspire and modernise.

With a versatile handwriting Lucy creates unique print concepts and designs specifically tailored to your brand.

As a creative professional with over 25 years experience, Lucy shares knowledge and expertise from concept to finished design.

Inspire - Modernise 


Trend forecasting is an essential part of the design process, to assess and predict the future needs of your brand and to inspire new product with a competitive edge.


Lucy provides specialist research with targeted analysis of future print directions relevant for your brand’s defined market.  This research provides creative direction with a vision and knowledge of trends, allowing confidence in future design decisions.

Future Trends - Reimaginged

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The power of colour plays a vital role in the design process and is one of the most primitive forms of communication. The emotional response to colour and how it effects moods, feelings and behaviours plays an increasingly important role within the design industry. 


Through curated research and analysis of seasonal colour trends, Lucy offers future colour directions with trend colours and harmonies, relevant to your brand.

Evoke - Emotion

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